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Welcome to the Virginia Peninsula Chapter of Mended Hearts, Inc. Located in the Virginia's historic southeast peninsula, the chapter covers Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, the triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, as well as two communities off the peninsula: Smithfield and Gloucester.

President' Message


Many thanks to Glenn Knight for his presentation to our chapter during the August meeting. His personal story was sure a great help to many of our members.

CONGRATULATIONS to our own Rick Fisher on his National Award for Internet Visiting. His service is verymuch welcomed and appreciated by us and all of the Mended Heart patients he has visited via the internet.

 Don’t forget to attend our PICNIC to be held on SATURDAY, September 6th 1:00 PM at a new location this year. Just bring yourselves because we will be providing all of the “Once In A BLUE MOON” fried chicken and the rest of the fixn's this year.             

              Funerals can be a celebration even thought a loved one has passed away and will be greatly missed.  Such was the funeral of Reva (Dee) Odetha Curry Klump that Polly and I attended Wed. July 23rd. She was the wife of Chapter 119’s first president, Bob Klump.  Bob was president 1981-1983. Chapter 119 was awarded the Chapter of the Year for 1982-1983. It appears to have been a very active group of heart surgery survivor’s.                                                                                                           Bob was in the Air Force and served in many duty stations in the states and also in France. His need for heart surgery may have been because it was the time before pressured cockpits on the planes, resulting in negative pressure on the body. His heart surgery was in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the late 70’s.  He became very dependent on Dee after the surgery probably because of this type of surgery and possibly depression. After being transferred to Langley AFB he became interested in this new chapter that was forming because he saw the need for visitation before and after this surgery. He was elected Chapter 119’s first president in Dec. 1981.   His daughters indicated that he was thrifty but not stingy and never owned a new auto always driving a used car which he kept in great shape.  After he retired he purchased an Air Stream trailer which was a surprise to the family. It resulted in much traveling and helping family members especially the grandchildren.                                                                                                                                                      Dee was described by her grandchildren as very loving, always wanted a hug and always gave you a kiss.  She appeared to be a very affectionate grandmother. She felt that she and Bob could go and help the grandchildren and yet have their own space in their trailer.  Evidently they liked their own space and their own bed. .  She enjoyed cooking, reading, sewing, bridge, oil painting and making pottery   Her daughters, Margy, Deanne and Barbara indicated she was direct and firm and a very good mother.  It appears from all accounts that we would have enjoyed knowing Bob and Dee. Yes, this was a celebration of one who gave so much to her family and to those who knew Dee. There were letters from those who could not attend indicating much affection and praise.  Polly and I were glad we attended and were welcomed so openly by the family .



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