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Where We Are Headed

"If you don't know where you are going, every road will get you there" - Henry A. Kissinger

As Mended Hearts, and caregivers, we know our number one Goal and Objective: visit Heart Patients and give support and encouragement to the patient and his family. We also know achieving that goal requires measureable and achievable goals for our operation. Our mission statement and goals are listed below. We hope every member will be familar with these goals and help our chapter in achieving our mission.

Mission Statement

Goals and Objectives:

1.  Increasing Membership;

2.  Increasing Visitor certifications;

3.  Emphasizing support for Patients and families;

4.  Sponsor interesting and timely programs;

5.  Timely delivery of Newsletter;

 6. Updated Website;

7.  Follow-up phone calling to patients;

8.  Develop a comprehensive budget plan;

 9. Produce Chapter 119 Brochure;

10. Develop Job Descriptions for each officer & committee position;

11. Determine leadership needs for all areas;

12. Develop new presentation program for Cardiac Rehab-Lab;

13. Budget funding for education materials;

14. Acquire Visitor vests;

15. Develop a fund-raising strategy including corporate support;

16. Request program support funding from RRMC;

17. Determine donation plan for chapter contributions (i.e.: Little Mended Hearts, etc…)

18. Recognize Critical Nursing Staff regularly;

19. Celebrate our 30th Anniversary; etc….


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